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The Best Wines Are 

Born in the Vineyard

Our wines are made in a region that has long been recognised for producing wines of rare depth and complexity under the

San Gimignano DOC and Chianti Colli Senesi DOCG quality classifications.

Although our cantinas date from the early 1900s, wine has been made at Fattoria Il Piano for centuries.


From our commitment to the vines to our hands-on winemaking, our wines benefit from a loving approach, that includes small lot fermentation and patient ageing.

Our Vines

Vineyard replanted mid 70s

Sangiovese       11 hectare.

Trebbiano           1.5 hectare.

Canaiolo            1 hectare.

Merlot                1 hectare.

Chardonnay        0.5 hectare.

Malvasia            0.5 hectare.

Replanted 1990

Vernaccia           2.5 hectare.

Planted 2016

Syrah .75 hectare 

Cabernet Franc .75 hectare 

We harvest by hand at peak ripeness and macerate the grapes for an extended period to develop the rich colours, aroma, and flavour of the fruit.


Our wines are matured in concrete tanks, then selected wines are barrel-aged to add additional nuances and depth of flavour.


San Gimignano


Grappa Di Chianti



Extra Virgin

Olive Oil

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