San Gimignano Vinsanto DOC


100% Trebbiano

15% Vol.

500ml. -   €20.00    

375ml. -   €15,00 

This seven-year-old dessert wine is now at its best. In Tuscany, it is served with twice baked biscuits called Cantucci.

Vinsanto (Holy Wine) is Tuscany’s renowned straw wine named from the time when these wines were used for Holy Communion; called a straw wine as the grapes were originally dried on beds of Straw.


The Il Piano Vinsanto is made from Trebbiano grapes carefully selected and picked by hand when at their best, then put on racks of bamboo and left to dry for three months. Once desiccated enough, normally they lose 60% of their original volume, they are gently pressed, fermented, then aged in small chestnut barrels, called Caratelli, for a minimum of three years. This gives a more traditional Vin Santo than that often produced nowadays. It resembles a dry fortified wine, rather than sweet nectar.

The inspiration for the label came from the family chapel at Il Piano, with its rich cobalt blue ceiling and gold leaf detailing.