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Unfortunately, we are sold out of our Vernaccia di San Gimignano & Olive Oil.

The Vernaccia will not be available again until next year.

The weather this year has badly affected the olive trees and we are not expecting a good harvest. We won't know how much oil we will have until November. 

Give the Gift of Tuscan Sunshine

The perfect way to experience the best Tuscany has to offer.

David has made a careful selection which is perfect to accompany any special meal.

A thoughtful gift for someone special or just treat yourself.

Small Gift Box:


1 x Vernaccia 2020,

1 x Chianti 2016, 1 x Torre Ai Riguardi 2018,

1 x Vinsanto 3013 500ml.

3 Litre Bag in Box of Extra VirginOlive Oil.

90.00 euro

Large Gift Box:


2 x Vernaccia 2020

2 x Chianti 2016, 2 x Torre 2013, 1 x Baciolo 2015,

1 x Vinsanto 2013 500ml.

5 Litre Bag in Box of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

180.00 euro

Term &


Gift Box Small = 6 bottles

Gift Box Large = 12 bottles


Orders must be in multiples of 6 bottles, to successfully fill our shipping boxes


When your order includes olive oil, we will inform you if your order could be improved to ship more economically.


Once we receive your completed order form - David will check it & calculate the cost of shipping.

We will then send you a Stripe Invoice which allows you to pay for your order securely online.

We will ship once we receive payment.

Shipping is on Thursdays only & delivery takes approximately 12days.

Once the shipping company dispatches your order, they will send you a tracking number.


Wine & Olive Oil is shipped at two different rates, so things can get complicated with mixed orders. 


Gift Box Small equivalent 6 bottles

Gift Box Large equivalent 12 bottles

Due to current global issues, shipping costs and delivery times are constantly changing.

Please contact David to get a quote.

Terms and Conditions
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