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The cellar is very close to the owner’s manor house. Walking down the country lane surrounded by the green horse-chestnut trees, we approach the entrance to the cellar wich is reached through some little steps made out of stones imprinted by time.
The large wooden door is protected by an iron gate that has lasted since the time of construction in 1925. The cellar was built by digging through the tufa and is more than 50 meters long and fully covered with small bricks made long time ago by the old farmers in the local brickkiln wich can still be seen on the slope of the cypress trees. The airing chimney is placed at the end of the cellar and stands out overlooking the field above and not far from the swimming pool.


The small private chapel adjacent to the owner’s manor house is still today consecrated and dedicated to S.Antonio da Padova, whose image appears in the painting above the altar.
Small but delightful, the chapel has been completely restored only a few years ago and still preserves the tombstones in memory of the old owners and their deceased relatives, some even dating back to the end of ‘700.


Incredible but true!
The green hills where S.Gimignano and our farm are placed were in the remote past at the bottom of the sea. In fact it’s not unusual, while walking through the woods, the vineyards and olive trees, to find fossil shells of various shapes and dimensions wich can reach size even larger than the palm of a hand: some still today are perfectly preserved.